Conquer the emotional element
of your audience.


How do you feel when you hear the tune of your favorite movies or series?
Or the tune of the video games that impact you the most?

The sense of hearing is very powerful and some studies say that a sound produces more sensations than one thousand words.

Music evokes memories, awakes emotions and affects the listener.


Which musical genre differentiates you?
Is it related to what you want to convey and/or make your audience feel?

The musical and/or sound elements which last over time and achieve a great reach in your audience must be created from your virtues, essence and personality.


Have you done a list of the sound elements, music, emotions, values you want to convey?
And at what point in the project are you going to transmit them?

It’s not about choosing a random music theme or sound.

These must be adapted to several variables like your audience, message, values, purpose.

You must convey them coherently.


Which sounds and music connect you with others?
Do they allow them a pleasant journey?

You should never saturate your audience.

You want them to have a pleasant experience, to get excited and feel identified.

A message can be said in many ways and music has that power.

Now you know that music has an instant emotional effect in our brain.

Now you know that your project without music or sound is a soulless identity, without essence and connection with your audience.

Now, more than ever, music is essential to define your identity, your values and is key for the construction of your branding.

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