Increase your sound IDENTITY.
CONNECT with your audience.

Music composition and
original sound tracks production.

Post-Production, Mixing and Mastering.

Stereo, 5.1, 7.1

My weakness are Animation,
Documentary and Suspence productions.

Music, SFX production
and voice recording.

Adaptive audio programming
and implementation.

FMOD, Wwise, Unity, Unreal

I love graphic Adventures, Narrative,
Puzzle and Arcade games.

Original music composition
and production.


video editing.

Let's put it out there!

IMPACT and EMOTION are sound elements that allow us to live new experiences and feel identified, connected with others.

The result are sensations that last over time - MEMORY.

Music and sound, applied consistently, enhance that identity with a very positive impact in your audience.

Do you want to increase that IMPACT in your project?

Latest projects that have connected

Somnis Animació

Original Soundtrack

The challenge was to combine the voice of the main character, singing a mantra, with African instruments, thus creating an oniric ambience.

Pick y Pock
Global Game Jam 2020

Game Music

The main theme and the overall musical ambience in this platformer with puzzles should reflect the frenetic activity of the two characters.

Brutal Bounce
Recinos Studios

Game Music

With an urban setting, the music with Hip-Hop style reinforces and promotes the branding identity of the game.

Let's Connect

Results by numbers


Music and sound for games


Original soundtracks for movies


Musical arrangements for bands and artists


Advertising music composition


Video productions


Own themes


Mixing and Mastering

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